Converse Benefits

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Whom is the program intended for?

The program operates for Converse Bank cardholders.

If you are not a Converse Bank cardholder yet, hurry to obtain one of our cards. Converse Bank offers numerous options from a wide range of VISA, MASTERCARD, and ARCA payment cards.

The program is intended for all plastic cards issued by Converse Bank, except:

  • cards with non-restorable limit
  • premium class cards of Infinite type
  • corporate cards
  • gift cards
  • cards secured with pledge of gold (except those credit cards, with regard to which the Bank has made a separate decision to issue a card secured with collateral)

How to use the "CONVERSE POINTS" program?

No matter what you are buying – a stove or shoes, a TV set or an airline ticket, food or clothing, always remember that in exchange for every spent dram you can receive points, which you can exchange for your preferred items. You simply need to pay with your Converse Bank card instead of paying cash.

Converse points are accumulated during non-cash commercial transactions, i.e. from non-cash card payments made for goods and services purchases at outlets and through the internet.

Every 1000 drams you spend will earn you 1 Converse point. 

Converse points accumulate for each transaction, based on the following principle:

For example:

Date Paid non-cash amount
(with Converse Bank card)
Accumulated Point
01.07.20132 AMD 4.700  4 Converse Points
02.07.2013 AMD 5.300  5 Converse Points
TOTAL AMD 10.000  9 Converse Points

Organize your family expenses and accumulate points

Attached cards also participate in accumulation of Converse points.

Request for a card attached to your card for your family members – wife, husband, children, or other members of your family, and expand your opportunities to earn points. The service fee for attached cards is charged from the principal card, which means that you pay only once for service of all your cards, while you will receive points for the transactions made with all your cards, since the points of the attached cards will be added to the principal card every month.

Converse points rewarded within the scopes of the Program have no monetary expression and can never be exchanged for money or be transferred to another person.

Your Converse points accumulate on a Special Point Account (SPA) opened for you, replenished with Converse points parallel to the expenses made with the card.

You will be provided with regular statements regarding Converse points on monthly basis, together with the card account statement. You can use your Converse points only if they are reflected in the SPA statement.

Converse points are rewarded to those Cardholders, who properly manage their accounts at Converse Bank and do not have problematic liabilities or violation of any agreement signed with the Bank.

How to order the reward?

You have accumulated sufficient points and it’s time to get gifts in exchange for them.

It’s done as follows:

  1. Make your choice from the list of Converse gifts ( in order to materialize Converse points
  2. Visit any branch of Converse Bank and receive the coupon for the item you've chosen.
  3. Converse points will be reduced for the quantity that is necessary to obtain the respective item or service.
  4. Present the coupon within 2 days to the respective outlet and get the item/service you've chosen.
  5. If you don't receive the item/service for 7 days, you can present the coupon to the Bank and restore the points.
  6. Received gifts are non-refundable.