Converse Benefits

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Profitable Card to Card transfer with VISA

Make a card-to-card transfer from July 1 to July 31, 2021 and get 2 tickets to Yerevan Park. 

  • Make a transfer or receive a transfer to / from the Converse Bank Visa card issued abroad / from and use the opportunity to get 2 tickets to Yerevan Park.
  • Tickets will be granted to the top 10 cardholders with the most amount of transfers, as well as to the top 10 cardholders who have received the most amount of transfers.

Rules of the Promotion

The cardholder can receive one prize within the promotion - 2 tickets to Yerevan Park.

The results of the promotion will be summed up by August 20 including, 2021. At the end of the promotion, the 20 cardholders of the Bank who have made the maximum amount of transfers will be notified about the recognition of the winner of the promotion by an SMS messege and a phone call to the phone number provided to the Bank. 

Participant: In case of not being able to apply to the Bank within 30 days, the prize can be provided to the authorized person with a power of attorney and a passport. In case of not being able to contact the 20 participants with the most transfers (customer non-response, unavailability or otherwise) or not receiving the prize / reward for any other reason, the results of the Promotion are considered invalid for the given cardholder.

The bank does not reimburse the winning participants for the prize and the prize is not replaced by another gift.

Only Bank Visa cards participate in the promotion, except for Visa Business and Visa Gift (including Visa Gift Instant Issue).