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Make non-cash transactions with VISA cards and get a gold bar as a gift


Make transactions with Converse Banks VISA cards, accumulate gold points and get a gold bar as a gift

  • The amount of each transaction must be at least 5,000 AMD
  • The minimum sum of all transactions is 200,000 AMD

Range of transactions with VISA cards

Total range of non-cash transactions made with VISA cards (AMD) Points
200,000 - 399,999 200 gold
400,000 - 699,999 400 gold
700,000 - 999,999 700 gold
1,000,000 and more 1,000 gold

The first 10 cardholders with the most gold points will receive a 10 gram gold standardized bar (999.9), and the next 40 cardholders with the most gold points will receive a 5 gram gold standard bar (999.9).

At the same time, additional points will be added to the total number of non-cash transactions: 5 gold for each transaction made in the service points registered in Armenia, 10 gold in the service points registered outside Armenia.

The promotion will run from June 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021 inclusive.

Rules of the Promotion

In case of equal number of gold points, priority will be given to the cardholder who has made many quantitative transactions.

Card-to-card transfers, card-to-account transfers, utility payments (including telecommunications, television, internet services), account, card, e-wallet replenishment, loan repayments, payments for services, duties, penalties, statutory tax payments, payments, other payments and transactions carried out through the Bank's internal systems do not participate in the calculation of non-cash transactions.

The transactions for which the transaction has been returned are not included in the calculation of non-cash transactions.

The terms of the promotion do not apply to additional, attached cards transactions with the above-mentioned cards do not participate in the calculation.

Only VISA cards of the Bank participate in the campaign, except for Visa Business and VISA Gift (including Visa Gift Instant Issue).

At the end of the promotion period, the 50 participants who made the most transactions will be notified about the recognition of the winner of the promotion by the phone number provided to the Bank via SMS and phone call. Within 30 days of the participant, in case of impossibility to appear at the Bank, the prize can be provided to the authorized person with a power of attorney and a passport. In case of impossibility to contact the 50 participants with the most transactions (customer does not respond, unavailability or otherwise) or if they do not receive the prize / reward for any other reason, the results of the Promotion are considered invalid for the given cardholder.

The bank does not reimburse the winning participants for the prize and the prize is not replaced by another gift.

* The volume of non-cash transactions will be calculated according to the following principle: in case of AMD currency cards, the dram expression of the accrued amount will participate in the calculation, and in case of foreign currency cards, the amount accrued in card currency at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Armenia.