Converse Benefits

Hot Line +37410 511 211

Get 10% Cashback + Tickets to Yerevan Park


Pay with Converse Bank cards for the Children’s Day purchases at the mentioned stores and get,

  • 10% CashBack
  • 20 participants who made the maximum non-cash purchases (the total amount of purchases should exceed 30,000 AMD) will receive 2 tickets to Yerevan Park

Companies cooperating with the Bank within the framework of the campaign

Service point Address
JOJO Komitas 60/2, Yerevan
MANCHUK Kalinini 235/3, Dilijan
ARAM KESHISHYAN IE Raffu 39/8, Yerevan
PRINCE PRINCESS St Koryun 25/7, Yerevan
LILIT DOLINYAN IE  St Gayi 12/2 (111 district.), Yerevan
DE SALITO St Tumanyan 33, Yerevan
LUCKY TOYS Moskovyan 2/9, Yerevan
St Avan
Babajanyan 3/1, Yerevan
St Moskovyan 14, Yerevan
BANDITO St Komitas 19/55, Yerevan
KOSHUK St Svajian 30/9, Yerevan
BEGEMOTIK St Gayi 16,2-26, Yerevan (MEGAMALL)
St Vardanants 4 ap.54, Yerevan
St Komitas 54 building 152, Yerevan
St Gyulbenkyan 30/3, building 122/1, Yerevan
St Mshatots 20/4, Yerevan
St Arshakunyats 34/3, Yerevan 
POLESIE  Qristapor 2/1, Yerevan
PARTY LAND Etchmiadzin  Mashtoc 10
AMERICAN BUBBLE  Papazyan 8/12, Yerevan,(RIO MALL)
ZENIT Gyumri, Aragac 12/2
MANKAKAN  Bagratunyats 7, Yerevan
TAKE AWAY Northern Ave. 6/2, Yerevan
AVETIS PETROSYAN IE  Kotayk, Arinj B district.1-17
CHIQUITO A.Avetisyan 112, Yerevan,

 Rules of the Promotion

The maximum amount to be refunded to the card account for each transaction of each cardholder during the transaction (including transactions with attached additional cards) may not exceed AMD 10,000 or equivalent foreign currency * without taxes provided by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

The 20 cardholders who made the most non-cash purchases during the campaign, whose non-cash purchases amount to 30,000 AMD, will receive 2 one-time tickets to Yerevan Park.

Within the framework of the campaign, the payment amount is debited in full from the cardholder's card account at the moment of payment, and the return amount is returned by the Bank to the cardholder's card account by 2021 June 25 inclusive.

The Bank is not liable for non-cash or improperly executed non-cash transactions due to POS and E-Pos-terminals failure (including communication) / malfunction.

The promotion does not apply to purchases made with Visa Business, Visa Gift and Visa Gift Instant Issue cards.

* Currency cards are credited with foreign currency calculated at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia as of the CashBack date.

** The amount of non-cash transactions will be calculated according to the following principle: in case of AMD currency cards, the dram expression of the accrued amount will participate in the calculation, and in case of foreign currency cards, the amount accrued in card currency at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Armenia.

The promotion will is active from year 2021 May 28th to June 6th including.