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Pay with VISA card and get gifts

From August 17 to September 30, 2020 inclusive, take part in the "Sport in my life" promotion campaign, pay with a VISA card **
50 cardholders who have completed the largest number of non-cash transactions in the amount of AMD 5,000 * or more will be eligible to get the following gifts:

N Prizes for cardholders who have made the largest number of cashless transactions Gifts
1 1-3 places annual subscription to the Sports Complex for 1 person
2 4-10 places Certificate for the purchase of a bicycle or bicycle equipment
3 11-20 places A family certificate to 2 days family vacation for the 4 persons (2 adults + 2 children)
4 21-30 places Sports watch
5 31-50 places Package for 1 person for 1 full-day use of Yell Extreme Park services


Campaign rules

During the term of the campaign, the holder of a credit card (not applicable to holders of complementary cards) will be provided a Visa Pay sticker or a Visa mini FOB (at their discretion) at a discount of 50% on lump-sum service fee throughout the entire period of its validity.

In case of equal quantity of cashless transactions, preference will be given to the cardholder who has performed cashless transactions at the highest amount in total.
Card-to-card transfers from the card to the account, utilities (including telecommunications, internet services), replenishment of accounts, cards, electronic wallets, repayment of loans, replenishment of casino accounts, betting on winning games, virtual casino, bookmakers, etc., payments for government services, fees, fines, mandatory collections, payments and other charges provided for by the legislation, as well as operations conducted through the Bank's internal systems are not involved in the calculation of non-cash transactions.

Only Visa bank cards participate in the promotion campaign, with the exception of Visa Business and VISA Gift cards.

Only individuals- residents of the RA can take part in the promotion campaign.
At the end of the promotion period, the 50 participants who have completed the largest number of transactions will be notified of the selection of the winner by means of SMS and phone call at the phone number indicated in the Bank. If the participant fails to visit the bank within a period of 30 days, the prize may be provided to the participant’s authorized representative, based on a power of attorney and passport. Should it be impossible to establish contact with 50 participants which have implemented highest number of transactions (the client does not answer, is unavailable or for other reasons), or in the case of failure to claim the prize / reward for any other reason, the results of Campaign shall be deemed null and void for that particular cardholder. At the request of the Client, the prize can also be delivered by means of a delivery service.
The Bank does not reimburse the winning participants for the prize, nor does it replace the prize with another gift.

* The calculation of the volume of non-cash transactions will be made according to the following principle: in the case of cards in Armenian drams, the calculation will include the AMD expression of the accumulated amount, and in the case of cards in foreign currency - the amount charged in the card's currency, exchanged to AMD at the rate of the Central Bank of Armenia established on the day of accrual.
** Transactions made using different Visa cards of the same client are not summarized.