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#VisaToEurope. Travel to Europe


#VisaToEurope 10 trips to Europe

Participate in  #VisaToEurope promo action from April 1 through June 30, 2019 with Visa cards of Converse Bank and travel to Europe.

General rules

April 1-June 30, 2019

  • Get a Visa card at 50% discounted service fee through the expiry of the card,
  • Make noncash transactions1 through POS terminals with Converse Bank new or existing Visa card2, accumulate Stars at below rates and take part in the Promo action.

 To take part in the Promo action you have to make noncash deals with your Visa card through POS terminals to the total amount of at least AMD 200,000.

N Total sum of noncash deals with Visa cards through POS terminals Stars
1 AMD 200,000 - 399,999 100 Stars
2 AMD 400,000 - 699,999 200 Stars
3 AMD 700,000 - 999,999 300 Stars
4 AMD 1,000,000 and more 400 Stars

Furthermore, depending on the number of deals, extra Stars (100 Stars per deal) will be added to the Stars accumulated against the total sum of noncash deals listed in points 1-4 above.

Upon equal number of Stars the priority will be given to the cardholder having made more deals.

Converse points will continue to cumulate in due order.

Online shopping, C2C transfers, card-to-account transfers, utility payments and other transactions executed through the Bank’s internal systems will not be included in the calculation of the noncash deals.

The Promo action will cover only Visa cards of Converse Bank other than corporate and VISA Gift (including VISA Gift Instant Issue) cards.

The amount of noncash deals is calculated on the following principle: for AMD cards the amount in AMD expression, and for FX cards the amount accrued in the currency of the card converted into AMD at the CBA exchange rate at the date of accrual will participate in the calculation.
The terms of the promo action do not cover the supplementary and linked cards, and the deals with the aforementioned cards do not participate in the calculation. 
Stars calculations consider for each visa card separately.


The top 10 participants having cumulated the most Stars in the Promo action will travel to one of the following cities:

  • Paris (France),
  • Barcelona (Spain),
  • Lisbon (Portugal),
  • Budapest (Hungary),
  • Prague (Czech Republic),
  • Rome (Italy),
  • Vienna (Austria),
  • Athens (Greece),
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands),
  • Berlin (Germany)

At the final event, the 10 winners will draw lots to select the trips at random.


The trip includes:

  •  2 air tickets, flight from Yerevan
  •  1 double room in 4* hotel in the picked city
  •  Duration: 7 days (may vary 1-2 days based on the flight schedule), September-October 2019.

The Bank will select the dates of the trip and the hotel and will book the room at its discretion.

The Bank disclaims the responsibility for the failure of trip due to the exit ban of the citizen under the laws or rejection of the entry visa to the aforementioned cities to the winning cardholder.

No cash compensation will be paid to the winner if the latter refuses the trip.

Final event

The participants will be notified by SMS or a phone call on the number made known to the Bank. Unless able to attend the lottery, the winner’s proxy can draw the lots by presenting the power of attorney and the passport disclosed to the Bank in advance.
The Bank will attempt to contact the cardholder in June 15-20, 2019. Unless the cardholder is contacted (no answering to the call, being out of reach and for other reasons) or receives the prize/award, the results of the Promo action are deemed void for the particular cardholder.

During the lottery, the priority will be granted to the winning participants having cumulated the maximum number of Stars.