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Spring in Paris

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Do the shopping with Converse Bank CJSC Mastercard and/or Maestro cards, get 2 movie tickets as a gift, as well as a unique opportunity to travel to Disneyland Paris and visit Walt Disney Studio Park with the whole family.

From March 1 to April 14, 2019 inclusive, make purchases with Converse Bank CJSC Mastercard and/or Maestro cards, collect 8 payment receipts (hereinafter also referred to as coupons), each coupon for a purchase of minimum AMD 8,000, exchange the coupons for 2 cinema tickets, and take part in the lottery drawing for a journey to Disneyland Paris.

The coupons can be exchanged:


- CinemaStar, Dalma Garden Mall
Address: 3 Tsitsernakaberd highway

- KinoPark, Yerevan Mall
Address: 34/3 Arshakunyats Avenue


March 15 - April 14, 2019

Journey to Disneyland Paris

A journey to Disneyland Paris is for the whole family.

4 family members may take part, and the age of one of them shall not be above 14.

The lottery drawing will take place on 19.04.2019, at 12:00.

The winner will be determined randomly, via Random Picker program.

The results will be posted at on 19.04.2019, by 18:00.

Payments shall be made via POS terminals only.

The number of gifts is limited.

Details of the campaign are available at
The campaign is organized by "MASTER ADV" LLC .