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Woman's Card + Credit Limit

Woman's Card + Credit Limit offered specially in connection with women’s holidays, from March 1 to April 7, 2018, inclusive

Within the framework of the campaign, the following conditions will apply to Woman’s cards:

  • Issuance of a new Woman’ card, with the service fee discounted by 50% only for the first year;
  • Offering a credit limit for the card, according to the conditions specified in the table below:

Conditions of the credit limit offered for the Card within the framework of the campaign:

 Conditions  Conditions of the campaign for existing cards Conditions of the campaign for newly issued cards
Woman’s Card annual service fee
The current tariff for the card Service fee discounted by 50% only for the first year
18 -63 year old RA citizens or residents
Type of credit limit Decreasing limit, without a grace period
Maximum amount of credit limit 1. Without submission of income evidencing documents:
- For female depositors of the Bank who have a deposit with maturity of at least 3 months, and the balance of the deposit exceeds AMD 500,000 - up to AMD 300,000.
- For female customers included in salary projects of companies cooperating with the Bank, who have been receiving their salary through the account opened at the Bank for at least 3 months
-- up to AMD 500,000 without analysis of income*,
-- up to AMD 1 mln. without analysis of income if the registered net salary is above AMD 200.000*.
- For female customers who have received at least 3 transfers via fast money transfer systems over the past year, if the total sum of the transfers exceeded AMD 150,000 - up to AMD 100,000;
- For female customers who have made non-cash payment /at trade and service centers/ with a card over the past year, if the total sum of the transactions exceeds AMD 500,000 /minimum 3 transactions/ AMD 100,000
- For female customers who have mortgage loans and loans secured with pledge of real estate obtained from the Bank, if the total loan/collateral ratio /total position/ does not exceed 80% - maximum AMD 500,000.
2. In case of submission of income evidencing documents - up to threefold of the net salary, but not more than AMD 1,000,000*
Annual nominal interest rate 16%
Currency AMD 
Maximum maturity of the credit limit 36 months
Fee for cash withdrawal from the card
Credit history 1. At the time of issuance of the credit limit, the customer should not have current classified or overdue credit liability/liabilities/, including guarantees;,
2. Over the past year, the customer should not have:
 - Credit liability/liabilities/ classified under a class stricter than "watch";
 - Total delay of more than 20 days for all credit liabilities.
List of required documents  - Application;
 - Personal identification document;
 - Public services number or a reference on having no public services number;
 - Reference from the place of employment printed on the employer’s letterhead, specifying the position held, length of service, and size of the net salary. The reference should be issued maximum 15 calendar days before submission to the Bank /id required upon necessity/.

Within the framework of the campaign, each customer can get maximum one Woman’s Card.

*The total sum of the outstanding balance of the credit liabilities existing at the Bank and other organizations, issued without collateral, (including the credit limit issued hereby) should not exceed AMD 2,000,000.